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Live Conversation discussions are multiple video conferencing that may be conducted on any device, particularly smartphones. You and the author may communicate, spoke to each other, and exchange displays via Live Conversation. Responding to questions, utilizing a device or webpage, or responding to material presented on their computer are all options for the presenter in a videoconferencing. Live Conversation works with IOS and Android platforms, enabling you to evaluate mobile prototypes, apps, and webpages from the comfort of your own home, in-store, or on the move.

You’ll get an email notification of your planned appointments, as well as invitations in the days preceding up to meetings. On the day of your Live Conversation, an option will appear 15 minutes before the planned appointment time on your homepage.  Zoom is used to hold live conversation conferences. Zoom is available as a desktop application or as a web/browser application. If you’re a moderator, you’ll have the choice to Join or Join with Taking Notes unless you’re using Chrome or Edge. You might see the option of Joining if you are a coworker. To join the Zoom meeting, press the link once you’re